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Texans News · National Athletic Training Month

National Athletic Training Month is held every March to spread awareness about the important work of athletic trainers.  Today, we would like to shine a light on our two head athletic trainers at Sam Houston.  They work hands on with student athletes daily, and are invested in each of their success.  Let’s take a moment to get to know them.


Anneliese Roberto is in her second year at Sam Houston.  She grew up in Grapevine, Texas and was a cross country and track athlete in high school.  Roberto got her degree from the University of Texas at Arlington.  When asked how she got into athletic training, she said, “I was studying International Relations at Wellesley College, and one of my professors was the head athletic trainer.  She convinced me to take her sports medicine class as an elective, and I fell in love with it.  I transferred schools and majors the next year!”

Roberto said the kids, by far, are her favorite part of what she does.  “They make every day special and different.  They are always there to make you laugh or do something silly.  It’s also great to see them get better and compete at their full potential.  They work so hard to get better, so it’s amazing to see them achieve their goals after going through injuries.  They make this job worth it every single day.”


Lee Whitehead has been at Sam Houston for 9 years.  He is a native of Long Lake, Minnesota and was a three sport letterman in football, basketball and track in high school.  He received his Bachelor’s degree from Minnesota-Duluth and Master’s degree from Old Dominion University.   When asked why he got into athletic training, Whitehead said, “My senior year I was injured in the spring and couldn’t run track; we didn’t have an athletic trainer at my high school, so I had to rehab myself.”

Watching an athlete participate again after recovering from an injury is what he loves most about athletic training.

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